Honorable Mentioned: „Anybody Home?“

The image „Anybody home?“ has won an award at the Monochrome Awards. Honorable Mentioned. link

The story behind this particular photograph is a very valuable one for me. I was on a road trip with my wife through the lonely landscapes at the eastern rim of the Sierra Nevada for the first time. The area is separated from the heavily populated regions on the West Coast by this massive mountain range. In fact, you stand at the last great barrier you have to conquer on your way towards the „Promised Land“ on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. 

The plateau over which Mono Lake stretches is visually a layering of textures and subtle gradations of light, especially when the sun is low. There is a wonderful vista point on the U.S. Highway 395 as you enter the region from the North. The mountains were slightly covered with snow, which made the horizon blend in with the clouds in a graphically attractive way.