Double Pack at APA 2020 (Honorable Mentioned)

The Annual Photography Awards (APA) jury awarded my photographs with an Honorable Mention in two categories >link.

The first image, “Anybody Home,” was selected in the category “Landscape”. The picture had already won an Honorable Mention from the Monochrome Photography Awards earlier this year >link. The second image, “Archigarden” from the series “The Invisible Gardener,” is a photograph of the Buddhist temple Ryūkō-ji in Kanagawa, Japan.

This image is particularly important to me, because it reflects to a great extent the efforts that are important to me in my personal photography. The visual impression of the image sits at the border between photography and pure graphics. The graphical power of black and white and the subtle shades of gray and textures make it a visual statement. In this case, it represents a statement for the quest for unity between culture and nature and the appeal for sustainable action.

more details >link