Trieste Photo Days 2021 – Exhibition in Italy

At the end of 2021, a photograph from my series „Modern Japan“ was exhibited in Trieste. In the eighth edition of the International Urban Photo Festival, many events and exhibitions were organized and held despite the pandemic. A remarkable achievement and proof of what people with a passion for photography are capable of.  >International Urban Photo Festival.

As part of my series „Modern Japan“ (still in progress) the image of the Prada flagship store in Aoyama is a convincing statement of faith in the creative power of architecture. Although the building has almost nothing obvious in common with the architecture of traditional Japan, it fits perfectly into the image of Tokyo. 

Of course, it should be noted; it is already a classic, as the building was completed back in 2003. Nevertheless, or precisely for this reason, the quality of the design is so remarkable. In the harsh December light, the building stands like a rock in the raging waves of the bustling metropolis. > Urban Photo Award 2021