All About Photo #Street

A publication in the print edition of the AAP competition (October 2022) is a good opportunity to present oneself to the public. This opportunity came unexpectedly, but it is a great pleasure to see one’s own pictures in the context of other artists‘ photographs. > link

A single photograph reflects the individual perspective of an artist, and the question arises what unbiased viewers of this photograph can read in it in the first place.

The image of the Batman in Las Vegas, who is obviously leaving the center of the city to get home after his work is done, is a good example of the visual codes we share. > West Coast Road Trip

Light, scenery, details and aesthetic quality have come together perfectly here from my point of view. On the evening when this picture was taken, it was already quite late and the sun was very low. Actually, I was waiting for the moment when the neon signs of the city would merge with the evening sky. The man in his Batman costume appeared as quickly as he disappeared. In the picture you can already see him passing by.

Later, during the image processing and now after the AAP photo competition, it becomes clear to me through which sign-like quality and through which codes the image makes itself readable for others. The direction of walking and the dark silhouette of the person, the obvious street scenery as well as the large letters of the advertising wall in the background, all elements locate the image very precisely in time of the day and the location. That evening I learned a lot about image composition, storytelling, and the importance of details (in this case the fine drapery) in a well done photograph.