Palermo Shooting

Sicily has played an extraordinary and diverse role in European history. In addition to the diversity of cultures that has shaped this island in terms of style, way of life, and cuisine, the gap between wealth and poverty has been (and continues to be) a determining factor in the development of this region. No matter how hard life is in the rural areas or in parts of Palermo even today, one can feel the pride of the people and their strong identification with this history-rich place.

As a photographer, it is hard not to become addicted to the southern light and the many impressions that architecture, people, and landscapes make on us. Interestingly, these three things often overlap with one another. One never sees architecture without people or landscape without traces of history and architecture.

Of course, an external perspective is always somewhat naive and romanticizing. Still, it also seems that Sicilians themselves like to take a break from everyday life and sweeten their lives with good food or a gesticulated conversation on the street.