Solid As A Mountain

There are places in nature where you feel quite small and lost. In the presence of the mountains or the vastness of the sea, the overwhelming dimension and the fullness of the incoming sensory impressions result in a humbling experience.

The high mountains, with their vertical layers of clouds, rock, snow, scree and forests, belong to this category of landscape. Not only does the mood of the lighting change very rapidly, it is also distributed with great variety throughout the visually perceptible scenery. While it is still dark and cold in the valley, the peaks are already hit by contrasting sunlight.

In Central Switzerland, however, the mountain world is by no means lonely and deserted. Here, civilization has penetrated the remotest corners, and the boundary between natural and cultivated landscape is hardly obvious. In any case, what inevitably reveals itself to the viewer are the overwhelming panoramas, insights and views and ultimately the trigger for deeper reflection on the power of nature, weather and time.